Ahoy Sailor,

Finally found some time to pen down an update. It’s been a while since our last update, so happy to be back at it! Our 2024 season in Norway is officially underway! After a solid six weeks of maintenance and upgrades Bodø, Moondance was primed and pumped for a new season. Luuk hit the road loaded with upgrades and gear, rolling out at end of January. A four-day, 3000km odyssey later, he conquered the mountain pass just before they shut gates. What a timing! And then, the storm of the year was about to hit… Thankfully, some kind-hearted fishermen lent a hand with extra fenders, and armed with additional ropes, Moondance stood tall against gusts hitting 180km/h. Amidst the chaos, Luuk even scored an interview with Norwegian National TV. Click here / on the picture below to see video.

Strom Luuk -1

Post-storm madness, we dove headfirst into maintenance and upgrades. Chiel and Chris from Terschelling, seasoned sailors, technicians, and good mates helped out for a week tackling complex tech issues. Heating is key onboard, so we upgraded our hot water system and even added hot air heating! With our backup stove, that’s three ways to keep cozy aboard Moondance. Their help was an absolute lifesaver!

Ollie maintenance

Time to cast off! Our initial weeks saw us navigating from Bodø to Tromso, with pit stops along the way. Northern weather threw us fluctuating temps and a lack of snow. We did snag a week of proper sunshine though! Winter is shaping up now. Following ski & sail adventures, we kicked off a new concept: Sailing and Snowshoeing with Bergtrails. The feedback’s rolling in, and it’s shaping up to be a solid 9! Huge shoutout to Allard and the team for this first success. And let’s not forget Olivier and Leon, the dynamic duo who’ve been at the helm of Moondance for the past four weeks. Turns out, Leon’s quite the artist too, capturing the essence of our surroundings with his paintings! See it yourself, no pictures needed…. Next stop: Finnmark! We still have a few spots left in April & May, so hit us up for a sweet last-minute deal!

Painting 4
Painting 3
Painting 2

Painting 1

Up Next: Summer Sailing in Lofoten! We’re gearing up for accessible sailing holidays in July & August, perfect for families and friend squads. Picture this: relax, sail and explore with plenty of optional activities like hiking, fishing, surfing, SUP, museums along the way! Plus, special discounts for crews of five or more! Checkout voyage.

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